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moving.....comes to a halt. and other things.

Yes, I'm moving. No, I'm not saying where, as the Idiots may be watching this. (Chances are, they know already.) Good news about the place: I don't think they can put cameras anywhere near the bathroom, although if I find any, they'll get sealed up tight. (There's a spray for that... ;) )

The reason it's coming to a halt is Mom. She had a CAT scan done - one of those full-body passes... and they found a tumor. Right now, they're sure that there's something there; it takes a biopsy to tell whether it's cancerous or not. (I hope not; I expect Mom to hit triple digits in age.) So if there are any healers out there, send her any healing energy you can spare; she's the one who has S&P (mostly salt) hair. This also means a road trip, either to Orlando or Gainesville; in either case, I'm the one who's driving this time. Good thing I can go up to eight hours if need be, with some breaks for filling up the tank. Right now, I'm more worried about Dad, since he can't come along --although he wants to. (Hey, they're soul-bonded, and I pity anyone who tries to muscle in between them. If they don't get blasted by Dad's anger, I'll make sure they stay out.)

So until this is settled, I've put off the packing for a bit. We still need to move a few things out of there, btw, but I'm sure my cousin will help haul it away and give it a good home. Now all I need is cash so I can paint the ceiling Caribbean Blue (Thanks Enya!)....
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