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And She's OFF!

What I mean by "she" is the Space Shuttle Atlantis; the above image shows the current mission: Fix the Hubble Space Telescope.

I really hope they do well; I'm having a foreboding about this, and it concerns a certain quatrain by Nostradamus. I hope what he saw doesn't come true..... *shivers*

But we will see. For now - it was the LONGEST tail I'd seen from the house, all the way up to the rockets' separation; after that, I relied on NASA-TV. (It comes with the cable packages here on the Space Coast.) Not only that, not one, but three sonic booms --that was unusual. Usually there's just one long one and it's done with. Of course, Sakura (my kitty) was nervous, as I had carried her inside to lesson the impact. She still heard it, and the emotion I caught from her (as usual with these) was: "WTH?" ;> Poor baby; but that's the drawback with such a good hearing system that cats have. I'm sure any feral cats that live in Canaveral National Seashore (or the other wilderness there) found hiding places to crouch in as well.

Other than the Launch, I got a package today: I am one of the First Place prize winners in the NASCAR Team Tylenol "You Design It, We'll Sign It" sweepstakes! I got a nice clear vinyl backpack with a BPS-free sports bottle, a nice little "tire" with a rain poncho inside, a lariat with earplugs inside, and a.... well, I think it's a plushie of the car. The images aren't exact, but let me scan 'em into Photoshop, and I'll fix that! :>

..... OMG! It's Raining! YAHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We've had a drought - I don't think this will affect the drought, but it's filling the pond! *does happy dance*
Tags: atlantis, first prize, nasa, nascar, rain!, space shuttle

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