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Do YOU have a LG Incite? If so, check the phone!

This is for LG Incite owners ONLY.

So you got the Incite, loved what it did, and couldn't get it to sync with your Outlook XP (part of Office XP). Or maybe you couldn't get some of your text messages to get out - and either deleted or didn't bother to answer the txt message AT&T sent out last week.

There's a way to find out if you are due a replacement:

1. Turn off the Incite.

2. Turn it over and take off the battery cover. (IF you can't remember how to do that, go to this webpage on LG's site and click on the "Resources" tab. It's the PDF file there; make sure you have Adobe Reader enabled in your browser.)

3. Take out the battery but NOT the SIM card. Look at the casing where the battery goes. Do you see a blue dot anywhere?

a) IF you can't find the blue dot, go call AT&T right now and ask for a "warranty replacement". They'll send you only a new phone -sans battery cover- and a way for you to send back the old one. (So do not recycle/throw out the box; you'll need that to return the old phone in! Instructions will come with the new phone.)

b) If you have a blue dot under the battery and are still having problems, head on over to Windows Mobile phones/accessories Help Forum and do a search for the phone and problem. If you can't find an answer there, you can either yowl at AT&T or post a new thread and see what happens. (I found a workaround to the "can't sync" problem here.) While you're waiting, browse around and see if you found what I found: free ringtones, wallpaper, & themes for this nice phone. ;>

Now if only Pandora came a bit more cheaply for this thing.... *sighs*
Tags: at&t, lg incite, problems, warranty

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