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NASA is 50!

It doesn't seem like it, but NASA is fifty years old today! Not many people understand the impact of this organization on our lives, but if you use satellite or cable television, satellite Internet, or watch the news - then you're seeing NASA in action. Who do you think got those satellites up there in the first place?

And for an example closer to home: Memory foam. NASA developed it to keep the astronauts comfortable during takeoff of the Space Shuttles; now it's used in pillows, mattresses and mattress toppers!

But you can see for yourself what NASA has done via 50th Anniversary web site.

NASA has been a part of my childhood because of the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs. Now that I live in an area where NASA is a part of the economy, I can understand why they look for cash to fund their many projects.

Happy Anniversary, NASA - and may you keep surprising us for at least another fifty years!
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