moving.....comes to a halt. and other things.

Yes, I'm moving. No, I'm not saying where, as the Idiots may be watching this. (Chances are, they know already.) Good news about the place: I don't think they can put cameras anywhere near the bathroom, although if I find any, they'll get sealed up tight. (There's a spray for that... ;) )

The reason it's coming to a halt is Mom. She had a CAT scan done - one of those full-body passes... and they found a tumor. Right now, they're sure that there's something there; it takes a biopsy to tell whether it's cancerous or not. (I hope not; I expect Mom to hit triple digits in age.) So if there are any healers out there, send her any healing energy you can spare; she's the one who has S&P (mostly salt) hair. This also means a road trip, either to Orlando or Gainesville; in either case, I'm the one who's driving this time. Good thing I can go up to eight hours if need be, with some breaks for filling up the tank. Right now, I'm more worried about Dad, since he can't come along --although he wants to. (Hey, they're soul-bonded, and I pity anyone who tries to muscle in between them. If they don't get blasted by Dad's anger, I'll make sure they stay out.)

So until this is settled, I've put off the packing for a bit. We still need to move a few things out of there, btw, but I'm sure my cousin will help haul it away and give it a good home. Now all I need is cash so I can paint the ceiling Caribbean Blue (Thanks Enya!)....
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And She's OFF!

What I mean by "she" is the Space Shuttle Atlantis; the above image shows the current mission: Fix the Hubble Space Telescope.

I really hope they do well; I'm having a foreboding about this, and it concerns a certain quatrain by Nostradamus. I hope what he saw doesn't come true..... *shivers*

But we will see. For now - it was the LONGEST tail I'd seen from the house, all the way up to the rockets' separation; after that, I relied on NASA-TV. (It comes with the cable packages here on the Space Coast.) Not only that, not one, but three sonic booms --that was unusual. Usually there's just one long one and it's done with. Of course, Sakura (my kitty) was nervous, as I had carried her inside to lesson the impact. She still heard it, and the emotion I caught from her (as usual with these) was: "WTH?" ;> Poor baby; but that's the drawback with such a good hearing system that cats have. I'm sure any feral cats that live in Canaveral National Seashore (or the other wilderness there) found hiding places to crouch in as well.

Other than the Launch, I got a package today: I am one of the First Place prize winners in the NASCAR Team Tylenol "You Design It, We'll Sign It" sweepstakes! I got a nice clear vinyl backpack with a BPS-free sports bottle, a nice little "tire" with a rain poncho inside, a lariat with earplugs inside, and a.... well, I think it's a plushie of the car. The images aren't exact, but let me scan 'em into Photoshop, and I'll fix that! :>

..... OMG! It's Raining! YAHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We've had a drought - I don't think this will affect the drought, but it's filling the pond! *does happy dance*
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Damn Leak!

Space Shuttle Discovery was supposed to go up two days ago, but that launch was scrubbed.

Reason? A leak in the vent line from the main external tank out into the launch pad. You see, when they load that large red rocket with hydrogen, the gas that rises to the top has to go somewhere --which is the reason for those "vent lines". This way, the Shuttle won't explode on the pad instead of going upward into the atmosphere & Space. They had to wait a day to get close to the tank because of the hydrogen gas leaking out. (One spark and no more Discovery! We don't need that!)*

So the mission (STS-119, as you can see by going to the Shuttle section of NASA's website) may be cut short, but hopefully, things will get done - such as the last section of the ISS (International Space Station).

I've been interested in Space since I was about 6 years old; that's when I saw the only night launch of the Apollo missions - from across the state. I remember watching on CBS as Man walked on the Moon. I remember when the shuttles Atlantis and Discovery made their first flights. Now I understand what goes into NASA - and how it benefits not just the communities, but the counties where each facility is.

Hm....thought of going up there to actually view the launch... but then, how would I keep myself occupied all day? I'd have to get up there at 4am just to get a good spot (and no, I kid you not. You don't get up early, forget about finding a spot on the beach within 20 miles of KSC on Launch Day - let alone a hotel! And the Tickets get snapped up quick; average time is two hours after they announce when the Box Office is open). But nah. I have to record this, as I've done since I've gotten to this place. I'm glad NASA-TV is part of the Basic Package on my cable! (If you have a satellite, check with your provider - especially if you have a HDTV box. You may be able to get that channel for a small yearly fee.)

So when is it scheduled to go up? Well, if you didn't click on the first link, or on KSC's link, it's 7:42pm US Eastern Daylight Time on Sunday. I'll probably start recording when I know they're coming out of the last hold - the "9 minute hold". That means that it'll be Nine minutes before Launch when that clock starts up at that point. But that's not the only thing I record; I also record the replays from all the cameras they use to watch the Shuttle go up.

You can do something before and during the launch: Pray - pray that nothing goes wrong. If you remember what happened to Challenger and Columbia, you'll know why I said that.

*Thank you WESH reporter Dan Billow, for explaining that!

Do YOU have a LG Incite? If so, check the phone!

This is for LG Incite owners ONLY.

So you got the Incite, loved what it did, and couldn't get it to sync with your Outlook XP (part of Office XP). Or maybe you couldn't get some of your text messages to get out - and either deleted or didn't bother to answer the txt message AT&T sent out last week.

There's a way to find out if you are due a replacement:

1. Turn off the Incite.

2. Turn it over and take off the battery cover. (IF you can't remember how to do that, go to this webpage on LG's site and click on the "Resources" tab. It's the PDF file there; make sure you have Adobe Reader enabled in your browser.)

3. Take out the battery but NOT the SIM card. Look at the casing where the battery goes. Do you see a blue dot anywhere?

a) IF you can't find the blue dot, go call AT&T right now and ask for a "warranty replacement". They'll send you only a new phone -sans battery cover- and a way for you to send back the old one. (So do not recycle/throw out the box; you'll need that to return the old phone in! Instructions will come with the new phone.)

b) If you have a blue dot under the battery and are still having problems, head on over to Windows Mobile phones/accessories Help Forum and do a search for the phone and problem. If you can't find an answer there, you can either yowl at AT&T or post a new thread and see what happens. (I found a workaround to the "can't sync" problem here.) While you're waiting, browse around and see if you found what I found: free ringtones, wallpaper, & themes for this nice phone. ;>

Now if only Pandora came a bit more cheaply for this thing.... *sighs*

New Year.....

....and I may be writing in here less and less. So why keep this?

Because I'm also part of a few communities that use this like a forum - mainly webcomics. (Girl Genius, which can be found here is an example of this.)

So my posts here may be few and far between - but for now, I'm keeping it. One other thing before I go for a while: Be sure to vote NOW in Doonesbury's latest straw poll and see how you do in their categories. It's free, and a bit of fun for your day.

Writer's Block: DIY

MacGyver, hero of the tv show with the same name, is known for his resourceful use of ordinary household items to get out of an emergency situation. What's the most ingenious solution you've ever come up with in a pinch?
Actually, it wasn't me, but my Dad. (He liked Mac simply for his resourcefulness!) I noticed that I was missing a small post that keeps my windshield wipers on my car. I mentioned it to Dad, and he came up with this solution: take a dowel that fits in the hole, saw it off to the right length, then hammer it in.

He did this to both wipers about six months ago. Those things are still in there, and the wipers are working as they should. ;>

I guess I was wrong about the song.

It's a few hours after my last public post, and I'm over the crying part (thank goodness!). It's hard to sing when you're crying, and I found out the hard way that if you sing high notes while you're crying, you end up stretching your throat muscles a bit.

But enough about me. I've noticed that the web sites have added words to the song that just aren't sung in the video - unless they're sung in Chinese (Mandarin)! But if you want to just sing along with Sarah Brightman, and can't quite keep up, here is what she sang:

"You and me
From one World
We are Family....
Travel dream
A thousand miles
Meeting in Beijing.
Come together
Put your hand in mine;
You and me
From one World
We are Family."

Oh, and by the way: if you copy this without giving the proper credit (which, in this case, is the author of that song as well as the Chinese Olympic Committee), don't blame me if you get bad Karma!

My point here is this: The songs with the most Wisdom are usually put forth in a simple manner. One that is more singable, yet very touching to my heart, is Enya's "Only If" from her Paint the Sky with Stars album.
Hm.... Note to self: go back to that one mule account in Gaia and do just that - Timeless Songs. I'm sure this one will be on there....
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My response to the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremonies


Yes, folks, I do cry - but usually, my tears are sad ones. But not last night.
Oh no. Those tears I shed last night - like I'm shedding now - are happy ones. I completely understand why Sarah Brightman cried when she first heard the song. Hopefully, one of these days, I'll be able to sing it without crying half-way through it. and No, today is not that day.....

As for the rest of the ceremonies - oh yes. China surely knows how to put on a show when they want to! Especially the fireworks of "feet walking" down the street - the STREET! We Americans couldn't do that without making the firemen sweat! - from the Old capital to the Bird's Nest. But then again, they invented the stuff....

I cried several times during the ceremonies - just for the sheer beauty that was created. Did anyone realize that each segment had Two thousand, eight dancers in each one? And the Tai Chi Masters! To me, they were not only in synch, but they moved just as accurately as our Blue Angels pilots - with almost as much danger. (One misstep, and you'd get a chain reaction, domino-like fall for a few feet -with just as many headaches.) The only difference is that it probably wouldn't have been as fatal as it is for the pilots.

Then there was the technology, and not just on the floor! The floating rings... the floating people (like Chou Chou - no fear on her face, just joy)! And of course things ended with a bang.... I think the sky over that whole city lit up with fireworks!

Uh-oh --Lightning. Not a good sign when one is using a computer. Any road: if you're reading this far, please get you & your friends to deluge NBC & ask them to put all of the ceremonies - with NO breaks - on DVD. Please? That was the one part about the show I hated. I wish I could have been there - but they wouldn't let me in the country, much less near that Stadium.

Why? Damn ADHD! Oh, well... their loss.

p.s: that kitty is my reaction to the Ceremonies - not my actual mood right now.